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— 19 May
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19 May
— Don’t Feel Sorry For Rob Kardashian

Seriously. If I have to scroll past another post saying how bad someone feels about his weight gain or how his mother neglects him for his sisters, I’m going to throw something. You’re a Kardashian, for crying out loud. Your mother is Kris “Pimp Momma” Kenner”. Your sister is a famed pornstar. Get off your ass, lose the weight, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and make yourself useful.

Rob is clearly suffering from not getting his way, what 99% of Americans go through every day. I’m not moved. He’s been in hiding from sometime and had abandoned all social media activity. It’s really pathetic. You see what happens when you don’t encourage your children to be something that doesn’t involve their appearance? They get “depressed”.

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— 25 April
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— 25 April
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A sixteen year old girl is dead


Because she had the audacity to refuse an invitation to prom. Maren Sanchez is dead, murdered by a sixteen year old classmate who flew into a rage when Sanchez declined to be his date.

Maren Sanchez is dead, and multiple media outlets have the goddamn audacity to call this a “dispute” over…

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— 12 April
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"Can you really picture The Doctor, or Sherlock Holmes as black? I mean honestly, they work best as white, it makes the story much more relatable and interesting."
— Junior English major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

A black Sherlock would be interesting as hell, might I add.

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— 12 April
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"Do Africans even know what rice is?"
— First year, International Studies Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)


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— 12 April
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Anonymous asked : If you're poor then why are you going to college?????


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